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Ancient Egyptian <br/> wood shabti
Ancient Egyptian
wood shabti.
 c.1400 B.C.


Ancient Egyptian faience shabti <br/> with hieroglyphic inscriptions
Ancient Egyptian faience shabti
with hieroglyphic inscriptions.
 26th Dynasty. c. 600 B.C.


Jalisco seated ballgame performer
Jalisco seated ballgame performer.  c. 300 B.C. - 200 A.D.


Pre-Columbian <br/> earthenware figure<br/> c.300 B.C.-200 A.D
earthenware figure
c.300 B.C.-200 A.D.


Pre-Columbian <br/>textile fragment <br/> c.1000-1400 A.D
textile fragment
c.1000-1400 A.D.


Pre-Columbian Embroidered robe hem<br/>c.1000-1400 A.D
Pre-Columbian Embroidered robe hem
c.1000-1400 A.D.


Pre-Columbian stone winged pendant
Pre-Columbian stone winged pendant.  c. 1000-1500 A.D.


Teotihuacan Portrait Heads
Teotihuacan Portrait Heads .